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How to double crochet stitch (dc)

The double crochet stitch (dc) is double the height of the single crochet stitch (sc). Even though it sounds like more work, it just involves a few more yarn overs and pulling through loops. The reward? A crochet piece that works up more quickly than doing pure single crochet stitches.


1. Yarn over.

2. Insert the hook under the top loops of the next stitch.

3. Yarn over. Pull the yarn through the stitch to draw up a loop.

4. There should be three loops on the hook.

5. Yarn over. Pull the yarn through only the first two loops on the hook.

6. There should be two loops left on the hook.

7. Yarn over. Pull the yarn through both loops on the hook. There should be one loop left on the hook.

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Ok, got it